Building modern, sustainable and profitable SMEs in Georgia

Through loans and grants, the EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line supports a wide range of projects that increase the competitiveness and capacity of Georgia´s SMEs in the EU as well as in their home markets

Align with EU Directives through smart investments, unlock access to EU markets and increase your export capacity
We support Green Economy Transition! Prioritize investments in Green Technologies for responsible environmental performance, cost reductions, and to meet customers’ demand
Invest now in the modernization of your facilities for superior products and services quality and increase your profitability
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What is the EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line?

    • A joint initiative of EU and EBRD that helps Georgian SMEs finance investments in equipment and facility upgrades.
    • A programme that combines loan/leasing finance, free technical assistance and cash-back incentives financed under the EU4Business initiative.
    • An initiative designed to support Georgia’s SMEs align their businesses with EU Directives and increase their product/service quality and enhance their environmental responsibility.
    • A facility that supports open market access for DCFTA countries like Georgia and enabling SMEs to improve their competitiveness.
    • A mechanism for Georgian businesses to increase their export potential and use their relatively low cost base to compete successfully with other companies in the large EU and regional markets.

Flexible Programme – 3 Loan Types

For simple equipment upgrades up to €300,000, based on our List of Eligible Technologies (LET).
A cash-back incentive of up to 10% applies.

For investments up to €3 million for almost any business in almost any sector.
A cash-back incentive of up to 15% applies.

Fast track process for SPS and food safety
for investments up to €300,000.
A cash-back incentive of up to 15% applies.

Who can Apply?

Georgian companies that are:

    • Georgian companies that are:

      • At least 51% privately owned and privately run
      • Operating in a sector that can be open to export
      • Registered in Georgia, operating primarily in Georgia, and operating in accordance with the laws of Georgia
      • SMEs as per EU definition (fewer than 250 employees and a turnover of less than €50 M or less than €43 M of total Balance sheet, not more than 25% by shareholders that exceed the SME criteria), and/or
      • Classified as Individual entrepreneurs or sole proprietors
      • Meeting the usual financing appraisal criteria of a Partner Bank or Partner Financing Institution
      • In compliance with the EBRD’s Environmental and Social Policy

Value-added Benefits

Affordable –The 10%–15% cash-back incentive reduces the cost of financing your investment

Flexible – Available for any investment that helps your company meet EU directives, thereby increasing your market potential and your profitability
Predictable – Financing is available in foreign currency or in GEL with tenures of 3 to 5 years
Simple – No stringent eligibility thresholds (e.g. no minimum IRR)
Quality focus – All eligible investments improve the product quality while expanding your market access at home and abroad
Reduced cost base – Most eligible investments reduce energy and resource consumption, lowering your cost and increasing your competitive advantage
Green image – Many eligible investments reduce pollutants such as greenhouse gas emissions
Free expert support – Simple procedures combined with free technical advice offered by a team of experts that help you pave the way to new markets

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