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Through loans and grants, the EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line supports a wide range of
 projects that increase the competitiveness and capacity of Georgia´s SMEs
in relations with EU clients as well as in their home markets

Building modern and profitable SMEs in Georgia

Discover how EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line loans and grants can help you upgrade your business to meet EU standards

What is the EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line?

The EU4Business-EBRD Credit line is a joint initiative of EU and EBRD to help Georgian SMEs finance investments, which enable them to seize the opportunities presented by the Deep and Comprehensive Free Trade Agreement (DCFTA).

The DCFTA agreement was negotiated between the European Union and Georgia and came into effect in 2014. This provides a framework for modernizing Georgia’s trade relations and economic development by opening up markets, harmonizing laws, standards and regulations with EU and setting a path for further reforms in trade-related policies, such as hygiene standards for agricultural and food products and the approximation of regulations for industrial products.

EU and EBRD created the EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line, consisting of loan/leasing finance and cash-back incentives financed by the EU. The initiative is designed to support Georgia’s SMEs and entrepreneurs in aligning their businesses with EU Directives, helping them reach out to new market opportunities by investing in upgrades of their production processes and services.

By investing in upgrades of production processes, SMEs increase their product/service quality, enhance their environmental responsibility and decrease operating costs, as new machinery always consumes less energy and is lower in carbon emissions.

Flexible Programme – 3 Loan Types

For simple equipment upgrades up to €300,000,  
based on our List of Eligible Technologies (LET). 
A cash-back incentive of up to 10% applies.

Fast track process for SPS and food safety 
for investments up to €300,000.
A cash-back incentive of up to 15% applies.

For investments up to €3 million for almost any business in almost any sector.
A cash-back incentive of up to 15% applies.

Holistic Investment Support

For SMEs to take full advantage of the DCFTA opportunities and to help them expand into EU markets, they will have to comply with the relevant EU directives. In many cases this means investing into new equipment and technologies to reach compliance with EU Directives.

Knowing what to invest in and financing the required improvements can be a challenge. The EU4Business-EBRD – Credit Line helps SMEs overcome these challenges. The programme consists of:

  • Loans and leasing finance, provided via local Financing Partner Institution in Georgia.

  • Grant incentives of up to 15% on eligible financing amounts, payable upon successful project implementation

  • Technical assistance provided by an international team of engineers – and this technical support is free of charge to SMEs investing in new machinery and technology to comply with EU Directives.

Value-added Benefits


Affordable – The 10% – 15% cash-back incentive reduces the cost of financing your investment


Flexible – available for any investment that helps your company meet the more stringent EU directives, thereby increasing your market potential and your profitability


Predictable – Financing is available in GEL with tenures of 3 to 5 years 


Simple – No stringent eligibility thresholds (e.g. no minimum IRR)


Quality focus – All eligible investments improve the product quality while expanding your market access at home and abroad


Reduced cost base – practically all eligible investments result in reduced energy and resource consumption, lowering your cost base and increasing your competitive advantage


Green image – practically all eligible investments reduce pollutants such as greenhouse gas emissions


Free expert support – Simple procedures combined with free technical advice offered by a team of experts help you pave the way to new markets

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