Refitting the turbines of a Hydropower station in Georgia

The hydropower station, owned by the company KCIA-94, was built in 1935 on the river Dashbashi, in the Tsalka district of Georgia. In 2012 the Dashbashi station was connected to the Tsalka substation through a new transmission line. The HPP had an installed capacity of 1.52 MW with power being generated by three hydraulic units (horizontal shaft Francis turbines and generators).

The old turbines did not fully utilize the hydrological resource of the Dashbashi river (3,500 l/sec) and the company started an investment project to replace one of the outdated turbines and generators, while increasing the station capacity to 3MW. One 550 kW hydraulic unit was replaced against a modern 2,125 kW unit.

the increase in the station’s capacity, financed through a EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line loan, increased the green and clean power generation of the old station without the need to change the diverted flow and without any change to the existing building infrastructure. Furthermore, the new turbines generate less noise and vibration levels.

Loan amount:

€ 505,985

Grant amount:

€ 75,898


1.125 MW Horizontal shaft Francis Turbine

Additional green energy generation

1.125 MWh/year


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