LTD SRT is a hazelnut processor based in Zugdidi, Georgia. Since 2012, the company specialized in hazelnut collection, packaging and exporting. Aiming to further improve product quality and increase exports, the company invested in a new hazelnut laser sorting machine. With this investment, HACCP practices and ISO22000:2005 Certification were achieved and compliance with EU and international product standards was reached. Additional benefits from the investment are a wider international customer base and, due to increased product quality, a higher sales price for the end products. The investment was realized with a EU4Business-EBRD Credit Line loan and, after successful verification process LTD SRT received a 15% grant equaling 45,000 Euros.

Invested in:

    • Purchase and installation of new equipment “NIMBUS 1200” Optical Sorter BSI – Laser sorting machine for hazelnut

Investment Volume:

    • Loan amount: EUR 300,000
    • Grant amount (15%): EUR 45,000

EU Directives met:

    • Council Regulation (EC) No 834/2007 of 28 June 2007 on organic production and labelling of organic products and repealing Regulation (EEC) No 2092/91 and Regulation (EC) No 178/2002 laying down the general principles and requirements of food law, establishing the European Food Safety Authority and laying down procedures in matters of food safety.
    • Regulation 2023/2006 on good manufacturing practice for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food.
    • 2014/30/EU Low Voltage Directive
    • 2006/42/EC Machinery Directive (Annex II A)
    • 2006/25/EC Artificial Optical Radiation Directive (laser machines)
    • 2013/59 EURATOM Council Directive: safety standards for ionizing radiation ( x-ray machines)
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